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Cannabis at your doorstep

The sale of cannabis has been legalized throughout Canada for medicinal use. Hence, buying marijuana in BC and weed has become easier since several trusted online websites have been certified for the sale of marijuana and weed. One of the major crises the people face is the lack of availability of marijuana and cannabis at […]

How to buy weed online in Canada: Guide on buying Mail order Marijuana

Many people are buying weed online. Here at we receive emails on the daily asking general question on how to buy weed online. So we put together a comprehensive guide on where to find reliable non-government sites that carry great cannabis and cannabis products. Starting with the basics from research and reviews to shipping […]

Marijuana Leads To Better And More Frequent Sex, According To Science

weed and sex

      If you’ve ever smoked weed before, you don’t need a team of researchers to tell you that everything is better when you’re high. Food tastes better, music sounds better, and, of course, sex definitely feels better. But even though we know this as an undeniable fact, scientists at Stanford University went ahead and conducted a study […]

How Marijuana can help your Anxiety

medical marijuana exclusivebud

Now that marijuana is legal in Canada. many Canadians who suffer from anxiety might be thinking about lighting up a marijuana joint. For many years Canadians have been struggling with many different conditions that affect their minds and bodies. In today’s fast-paced, high pressured society, it is almost impossible not to feel stressed or “anxious”. […]

How Canadian Weed Laws will pan out in 2019

canada cannabis exclusivebud

  Canadian cannabis community its here, legalization is only days away!  Canada is now a country that has legalized the recreational use of marijuana. Although you can’t purchase it right away, it will be another few weeks before each individual province to roll out, lab tested strains and products into dispensaries and liquor stores across […]