2018 Top 5 Cities with the Cheapest Weed in the World


A study from the marijuana technology company, Seedo, has determined the cities across the world where marijuana consumption is the highest and weed is the cheapest. The United States city with the highest marijuana consumption? That would be New York City, weighing in at 77.44 metric tons of marijuana consumed annually.

Seedo calls the study a “2018 Cannabis Price Index,” which examines factors like marijuana’s legal status, possible tax revenue from marijuana if taxed like cigarettes, and possible tax revenue from marijuana if taxed at the same level as the average U.S. marijuana taxes in legal states like Washington. Overall, the study looks at 120 international cities.

1. Quito, Ecuador

At $1.34 per gram (yes, you read that right), the capital of Ecuador, by far, has the cheapest weed in the world. It also happens to be a place you can easily light up without fear of getting in trouble by law enforcement. In certain neighborhoods of Quito, weed can be smelled wafting through the air. It’s also an incredible place to visit, with thousands and thousands of years of history buried beneath the streets. Many travelers use it as a jumping off to visit the Galapagos Islands or continue from Ecuador onto Peru, where they visit Macchu Pichu.

2. Bogotá, Colombia

If you love traveling and you love weed, Bogotá is a must. The vibrant metropolis has a booming cannabis scene: gourmet edibles, head shops, and an annual cannabis festival featuring so many different kinds of products you might, for a second, forget that recreational weed is not yet legal in the country. That being said, Colombia does have a burgeoning medical cannabis scene which experts project will provide the world with cannabis. The country has potent strains which rival California and Canada. And while there’s been some crackdowns on small growers since the legalization of medical marijuana, the average gram in Bogotá still goes for $2.20. Buy your plane ticket now.

3. Asunción, Paraguay

Asunción is arguably one of Latin America’s most underrated cities. The capital of Paraguay has that perfectly charming mix of tradition and trendiness. The historic center of town is known for its colorful murals, many of which are inspired by the country’s indigenous communities. There’s no shortage of chic cafes, boutiques, or restaurants either. In terms of weed, you’ll have no problem scoring a cheap gram (the average one goes for $2.22), but we can’t guarantee it’ll be good quality. Paraguay is the second-largest producer of cannabis in Latin America. It’s long been known for supplying the black markets of nearby countries with tons and tons of schwag. It’ll do the trick, though, and you won’t have to worry about getting hassled for picking up. The country decriminalized possession in 1988.

4. Jakarta, Indonesia

A gram in Jakarta goes for $3.79. Unfortunately, smoking weed in Indonesia is a really really bad idea. The country has made a habit of arresting foreigners for possession. In some cases, law enforcement officers have even gone undercover, offering to sell weed to tourists and then pouncing on them when they accept. If you’re far away from Jakarta on a remote island and some locals offer you a hit, you’ll probably be okay. But we’re not going to condone it. And definitely don’t take the risk in Jakarta, a major city in Bali or anywhere else that you don’t have a very good handle on the situation.

5. Panama City, Panama

We also don’t recommend smoking weed in Panama City. While the country’s National Assembly debated legalizing medical marijuana earlier this year, it’s still completely illegal. Locals offer mixed answers about whether you can get away with smoking in the nation’s capital. The general consensus seems to be that if you buy a small amount of weed and smoke it in private, you’ll probably be fine. If you do get caught, you can also likely bribe the police for $20. That being said, there’s no guarantee and you could serve jail time for possession if you’re unlucky. Too bad cause a gram goes for $3.85 in the city.